Marketing Plan

I am currently posting about topics in relation to Performing Arts, however, I would like to one day be seen as an industry professional where my audience can turn to for advice, entertainment and to discussing topics in relation to Performing Arts. I would also like to use my blog to be able to market … More Marketing Plan

R & R

Being a performer or working within the performing Arts field can be mentally and physically exhausting with long hours on set or stage and long rehearsal periods which can leave us feeling drained. When we are constantly on the go it is easy to forget about the importance of “R & R”- Rest and Relaxation. It … More R & R

Thought You Knew Your Way Home, Guess Again

Choose your own adventure is an interactive concept allowing the audience to make their own decisions as to what paths to take resulting in different outcomes. “Thought you knew your way home, guess again” was inspired by the idea of travelling and mystery in terms of getting lost and being killed in order to avert … More Thought You Knew Your Way Home, Guess Again

The Harsh Truth

As children we are told to enjoy life, but so many children can not wait to be older and are too excited to “grow up”. They don’t think about things such as ageism and not being casted due to age and too many wrinkles. For performers, especially actresses, ageism can break their career. Actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal spoke … More The Harsh Truth