Deal or No Deal?

As a performer many commitments need to be made whether it is on a smaller scale or on the high-end; Hollywood, Broadway etc. Being a performer has many benefits from being signed to a company such as Universal or a sequel of a film, attending glamorous events and being very well-known.

However, with all the benefits there are several down falls which push people and stars away from the limelight.

It is hard to have a balance between work and constantly being in the public eye whilst having a “normal life”.

Actress Elizabeth Hurley know for her role in Austin Powers series, Bedazzled and GW’s Gossip Girlstopped acting to raise her son. For some stars it can all get too much.  Freddie Prinze Jr left the acting world behind as it was “just too weird” and is now a producer for WWE Raw. Stars such as Emma Stone have had many problems with privacy and said to Yahoo in 2012, “I don’t like to talk about my personal life”, however with constant paparazzi and being on the covers of magazine and gossip articles it can be a challenge for stars to keep their lives on the DL

Stars who left Hollywood for Regular Jobs

“Emma Stone Subtly Gives Paparazzi the Middle Finger during PDA Outing with Andrew Garfield”

Celebrities Who Hate Fame 

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