Basic Audition Do’s & Don’ts

Want to ace your next audition and land your dream role? Here are some basic Do’s and Don’t to help you out.


  • Do- be prepared- it is better to be over prepared than under. You never know what questions you could randomly be asked and expected to know.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the text– know where it came from in terms of origin, history, where it is placed within a script/film/theatre, know the actors who have performed the song and monologue etc.
  • Do research- research is key as it demonstrates depth, remember “knowledge is power”.
  • If singing is required, practise with an accompanist prior to avoid any slip ups and confusion.
  • Make it your own- directors and casting agents have seen hundreds of monologues performed the same way. They want to see something different, so make the monologue your own and own it with confidence!


  • Don’t wear clothing and shoes that are uncomfortable or inappropriate- no high heels and no clothing that’s revealing- mini skirts don’t make the cut.
  • Don’t wear a costume- do not come dressed as the character in which you are auditioning for. Directors, choreographers and even casting agent do not want to see that unless they have specifically asked.
  • Don’t ask for feedback- unless you are close with someone on the auditioning panel, do not ask for feedback. It best to figure it out on our own and continue to improve.
  • Don’t be discouraged, keep trying and do not give up!

For more audition do’s and don’ts and information about audition, monologues etc see below:

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