How Far is Too Far?

It’s all well and good to land a huge role on the big screen but is it really all well and good when you are getting locked into a contract where you have to gain weight, stay the same weight or have to lose it all?

For performers especially actors in Hollywood drastic weight gain and weight loss is all apart of the norm. For actors who have to be physically fit for a role such as Chris Hemsworth in Thor, it can actually boost their career in terms of appearance and have more opportunities to be casted for different roles and branch out within different platforms. However, for actors like Rebel Wilson contracts are quite complex. Being contracted to “stay curvy” for the Pitch Perfect series (2012, 2015,2017) did mean that Wilson was only able to shed a few kilos here and there whilst filming.  Renée Zellweger is another perfect example of the harm the weight gain can do. She told the Daily Mail, she “gained 20-30lbs (9-14kg) for Bridget Jones movies” and was on a 4000+ Kcal diet which consisted of a lot of junk meals with no physical activity. This extreme contract lead Zellweger to risking obesity.

Image result for rebel wilson before and after
Rebel Wilson


Image result for renee zellweger weight gain for bridget jones
Renèe Zellweger


Image result
Renèe Zellweger

For more info:

Rebel Wilson: “I wasn’t allowed to lose weight”

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