Thought You Knew Your Way Home, Guess Again

Choose your own adventure is an interactive concept allowing the audience to make their own decisions as to what paths to take resulting in different outcomes. “Thought you knew your way home, guess again” was inspired by the idea of travelling and mystery in terms of getting lost and being killed in order to avert the stereotypical film ending where there is a positive outcome. We brained storm options that the main character could take in order to get home from Luna Park. As networks are meant to be linked and interviewed some of the options lead to the same outcome which can be seen on the wireframe. The wireframe displays our concept and the different options that the viewer can choose in order to get home.

To create and enhance a suspenseful atmosphere script we decided to keep the dialogue simple and to a bare minimum to support the narrative and filmed at night. We were faced with several problems including time restrictions meaning parts of the storyline had to be cut, not filming private property, lighting due to filming late at night and YouTube only allowed us to upload a certain amount of videos meaning we had to combine the footage effecting our annotations and wireframe options. Each individual group members’ other commitments lead to limitation with time when filming as we filmed over several days for long hours. Although, we were able to over come some complications through the editing process by adjusting the lighting and removing scenes, unfortunately we were unable to fix our YouTube difficulties resulting in the viewer having one of six options. Overall, the film was well edited, scripted and put together nicely.

Link to the other options / outcomes : 


Feature Image


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