R & R

Being a performer or working within the performing Arts field can be mentally and physically exhausting with long hours on set or stage and long rehearsal periods which can leave us feeling drained. When we are constantly on the go it is easy to forget about the importance of “R & R”- Rest and Relaxation. It is so important to find the time for YOU. Go do something that you find relaxing whether that is reading a book, binge watching your fav T.V. series, having a movie marathon with your besties or going for a walk, whatever it is, make sure you do it. Even little things like stretching, exercise, breathing exercise, and spending time with loved ones will all help you rest up.





More info:


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Relaxation Techniques

Rest Vs Relaxation 

Feature Image: https://unsplash.com/search/relax?photo=Z7BG_PJF7SE

Images sourced from Unsplash,

Facial photo: http://styleetcetera.net/revitalise-face-mask/




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