Marketing Plan

I am currently posting about topics in relation to Performing Arts, however, I would like to one day be seen as an industry professional where my audience can turn to for advice, entertainment and to discussing topics in relation to Performing Arts. I would also like to use my blog to be able to market and promote myself as an actress enabling more publicity and opportunity.

I will be aiming to reach individuals who are interested in performing arts whether it is as hobby or a career, performers from all different age groups and training/categories, casting directors, agents and managers. Therefore, my primary audience will be individuals who are interested in the field of Performing Arts. The secondary audience will be those who are indirectly interested within the industry such as a Dancing Company looking to advertise their classes and apparel. Tertiary audiences will be other blogs and performers who are writing on

To reach my audience I will use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and blog to effectively reach and communicate with my audience. Through the use of social media, I will be able to actively update my audience on my life as performer in terms of what I am doing, topics of discussion on my blog, and will be able to connect and link the social media platforms to my blog. For example, doing a sneak peak video on Snapchat of a topic that will be featured on the blog.

In terms of having a finical budget it will vary depending on what events are on in relation to my area of performance, shows; local, musicals, film screenings, workshops and auditions. To be able to participate in this aspect I will need to have a finical budget of $100-600 a month in order to attend these events. The workshops in particular may be over the budget which is when I will need to have a finical plan for different months were I will be able to use some of the money for other months to be able to attend the workshops. Having a finical plan will be crucial however, I will be able unable to so until I know what events are taking place and when. I will also need to pay for a different custom URL making my blog more professional displaying I am a person who my audience can trust and turn to, also enabling it to be easier and more convenient to find. In regards to time spent I will be posting on my blog at least two-three times a week and social media platforms one-two times a day.  Time spent will also include researching, posting, looking for creative work, volunteering within the industry,

Social Media   Time spent
Facebook (Professional) 3 posts a day
Facebook (Personal) 1 post a day
Instagram 2 Posts a day
Snapchat Maximum 1:30 story
YouTube 1 a week

As this industry can be perceived as a niche market, it can take some time to build up a cliental, which is why I would like to achieve this goal within the next 5-10 years but depending on its success, it could continue for longer. Through the use of social media platforms, attending events (workshops, auditions, screenings) I will be able to expand my opportunities and build a strong network which will allow for more opportunities. By doing extra work and acting for free I will be able to build up more experience, footage for show reels and to network with others. In addition, a mailing list will be set up in order to allow my audience to keep up to date and to remain interested in my blog.  As there will be more material on my blog I will need to find a simple but ascetically pleasing organised format which allows the audience to navigate through the site.

To measure my success in reaching my goals and fulfilling my marketing plan I will need to see a profit coming in that is building my reputation as a professional, gaining more experience as a performer within the field and getting requests from different companies, agents and performers to be part of projects. Having my work posted or spoken about on other sites will be beneficial especially when seeing an increase in viewers, followers and work requests per month.

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